Schedule & Fares

Operating Season 2016

The High Level Bridge line operates daily from Friday, May 20 2016 to Labour Day (Sept 5 2016)

After Labour Day, we operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only to Thanksgiving (October 10 2016), including Thanksgiving Monday

Departure Times from Strathcona

(Terminal at Gateway Blvd (103 St) at 84 Ave)

  • 9.00am (Saturdays only)
  • 9.40am (Saturdays only)
  • 10.20am (Saturdays only)
  • 11.00am
  • 11.40am
  • 12.20pm
  • 1.00pm
  • 1.40pm
  • 2.20pm
  • 3.00pm
  • 3.40pm
  • 4.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 5.00pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 5.40pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 6.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 7.00pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 7.40pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 8.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 9.00pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 9.40pm (during Fringe Festival)

Departure Times from Jasper Plaza

(Terminal between 109 St & 110 St at 100 Ave)

  • 9.20am (Saturdays only)
  • 10.00am (Saturdays only)
  • 10.40am (Saturdays only)
  • 11.20am
  • 12.00noon
  • 12.40pm
  • 1.20pm
  • 2.00pm
  • 2.40pm
  • 3.20pm
  • 4.00pm
  • 4.40pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 5.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 6.00pm(during Fringe Festival)
  • 6.40pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 7.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 8.00pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 8.40pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 9.20pm (during Fringe Festival)
  • 10.00pm (during Fringe Festival)

Second Car (20 Minute Frequency)

During busy days a second car may be in operation with departure times midway between those shown above. Look out for posted signs and check status updates on our Official Facebook Page. Depending on weather, a second car usually operates on Canada Day and during Fringe Festival weekends.

Round Trip Fares

Tickets may be purchased from the conductor and used at any time during the season. Stopovers are permitted.

Age 6 and over: $6.00
Children age 5 and under (non-groups): Free!
Family, maximum of 2 over age 18: $20.00

Fares must be paid in cash

Charter Trips

For information and rates please call (780) 437-7721 or email