Edmonton 80

Edmonton 80 now

Streetcar Name: Edmonton 80
Other Names:
Builder: Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Year Built: 1930 Seats: 51 Capacity:
Length: 46' Width: 8'3" Height: 8'3"
Motors: Trucks: Brakes:
Operated In: Edmonton
Status: Operable
Assignment: Fort Edmonton Park

Five very modern steel cars were delivered in 1930 by the Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company. As a novelty, these fine cars had a seated position for the motorman, comfortable leather seats and air operated doors. Unfortunately, they were the last new streetcars to be built for Edmonton. All five cars remained in service until 1951 and served on the blue and white route from Whyte Avenue across the High Level Bridge to 80th Street and 118th Avenue.

Edmonton 80 on Jasper Avenue
Edmonton Streetcar 80 on the blue-and-white route poses for the photographer on May 27, 1947 alongside Brill trolley coach No. 142 on Jasper Avenue and 97 Street.
© Provincial Archives of Alberta

Upon streetcar abandonment it was hoped to find a buyer for these still modern cars and they were kept in Cromdale yard for a few more years. Unfortunately and due to many streetcar abandonments all over the continent, a sale did not materialize. Four cars were finally scrapped. The body of No. 80 saw further service as a roadside diner at Dawson Creek BC and in the end as a farm building near Buick Creek BC.

Edmonton 80 as roadside diner
Long after streetcar abandonment, the body of Edmonton 80 saw further use as a roadside diner in Dawson Creek, British Columbia (June 1959).
© Omer Lavallée

The body of the car was discovered by coincidence and brought back to Edmonton. Suitable trucks and electrical equipment could be purchased from Melbourne, Australia. The complete restoration of this fine car took 20 years to complete and made it - like back in ERR days - the pride of the fleet. Streetcar #80 is mainly used for private charters and special occasions.

The body of Edmonton 80 back in Fort Edmonton Park
The body of former No. 80 arrives back in Edmonton
© Don Bearham, ERRS