Melbourne 930

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Streetcar Name: Melbourne 930
Other Names:
Builder: Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
Year Built: 1947 Seats: 50 Weight (Lbs):
Length: 46'6" Width: 9' Height: 10'4"
Motors: Trucks: Brakes:
Operated In: Melbourne, Australia (1947-1997)
Status: Operable
Assignment: High Level Bridge
Notes: W6 Class Tram

At least 765 W-class trams were built in Melbourne (Australia) from 1923 until 1956. These icons of Australian transit were designated as heritage items by the National Trust in 1990.

Melbourne 930 was built in 1947 and belongs to the second last batch, the so called W6 class. This double-ended car is propelled by four 40 hp motors, has drop-centre entrances and seats for 50 passengers with a crush capacity of about 140 people! It is therefore extremely well suited for our High Level Bridge streetcar line.

Melbourne 930 was withdrawn from service in 1997 and placed in reserve storage. In 2004, the car was shipped to Edmonton as an ambassador for the City of Melbourne and the State of Victoria. Following extensive truck and brake overhauls, car 930 entered service in 2006.

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Years ago 930 operated in regular service and posed together with 800 at West Coburg Terminus in Melbourne Graeme Farrar